Kindness, Listening and Connection

Counselling and psychotherapy

"“The practice of deep listening is the practice of open inquiry, without assumption or judgement.”
Sharon Weil

Our team

Psychologist Counselling Therapy Offline and Online

We are trauma-informed and experienced clinicians, Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists with 50,000 cumulative global counselling hours and therapy. We are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness-based Interventions, Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy ,Psychodynamic approaches and Systemic Family Therapy. Our network also has support group of somatic therapists and nutritionists to personalising the path to healing and well-being. We believe it is possible to every one to be whole and happy.

Psychiatrist Trauma informed

We are trauma informed and experienced doctors of Psychiatry with 10,000 cumulative treatment hours trained in diagnosing and treating the mental illness, emotional disturbances, and abnormal behaviour through physical, emotional, biological & diagnostics and medicines. We support you with through understanding the neurobiological backgrounds of trauma. We offer psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic engagements in your trauma narrative. We recommend, somatic and nutritional interventions wherever applicable.

meet our founder

Dr. Shabana M.S is a trained Clinical Psychologist with 19 years of experience who believes compassionate active listening can help and make quick the healing process for emotional, mental and physical problems. 

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